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View Modes

This feature will be available with the planned WinKee 1.2 release.

At a request from several users, WinKee will be able to switch viewing modes between the current list view and a more traditional folder view.

As you well know, the list view is basically just a long list of password entries, sorted alphabetically, grouped by the first letter of the title, and with a search field (searches in title and username):


This allows for very fast and intuitive browsing, but only when the user knows the entry title and/or username. To accommodate users who prefer the traditional KeePass layout of nested groups, we will be adding the "by folder" way of browsing the database:



Switching between views

To make switching between these two modes as seamless as possible, we added the switch directly into the database page:



Switching views is persistent - when you switch to the folder view, restart the app and open a different database, you will be presented with the view you used in the previous session.

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