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Opening a Database

WinKee supports two ways of opening a KeePass database - by using the"Pick a DB" button on the main application page and by tapping a KDBX file somewhere else in the system (e.g. another application, like Dropbox or Tresorit).

Way one - the "Pick a DB" button

This way of picking a database is preferred, because it uses the standard Windows Phone 8.1 file picker control. This control allows the user to browse through the content of the device's memory, but also, in case of apps such as OneDrive, directly from different apps.

This is the easiest way to pick a database from another app, but the downside is that the other app must be optimized for Windows Phone 8.1. OneDrive is one of such apps, but there are more. Hopefully, as Windows Phone 8.1 gets more widespread, other app vendors will opt into this feature.



The user anthxxxx discovered that at least the Cloud Mesh Pro app also works with the WP8.1 file picker.



Another advantage of using the file picker is that it allows you to select files with different file extensions, not just KDBX (see Custom File Extensions for details).

Way two - opening from other apps

If you have your KeePass databse synced into the cloud using services whose apps don't support the file picker yet (such as Dropbox), you can pick a DB by navigating into the app and opening the file from there.

This works for any app that can open files, but has the limitation that only KDBX files can be opened this way. If you renamed your database to something like "MyDB.secretExtension", WinKee will not be able to recognize the file opened from a different app.

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