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Error Reporting

In order to provide users with the best possible experience, WinKee contains an error reporting functionality. Since most errors seen so far originated in the database decryption algorithm, error reporting is currently enabled in that particular part of the application.

WinKee's error reporting is not automated and works by sending an email to the development team. This email is not sent automatically, it's simply composed by WinKee and then passed to the underlying operating system. The OS then checks for any registered email accounts and presents the user with a choice of account from which to send the message.

This means that to send an error report, your device needs to have at least one registered email account.

The email message does not contain any personal data whatsoever - the only collected information is the stack trace of the encountered exception and the application version. You can provide more information in the email if you want to.

Since the error report is being delivered by email, we can see your email address from which the report was sent. We want to emphasize here that this email address will remain confidential, we will not share it with anyone, ever.

We might use the email address to contact you in case we need some more details about the issue or to provide a status update on the issue you reported. If you don't wish to be contacted, tell us in the report email - we will respect your wish.

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