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Entry Colors

This feature has been suggested by a use.r
This feature will be available with the planned WinKee 1.2 release.

What it is

KeePass allows its users to define custom background and foreground colors for password entries. These colors are then used in the entry list and make orientation in the entry list easier.

This feature has been missing in WinKee and after a suggestion from a user we decided to remedy that. The next WinKee version will contain the ability to display entries using their custom foreground color.



In its first iteration, this feature will only work with foreground colors. Background colors, even if set, will be ignored.


This decision has been made mainly to preserve the user experience consistency - Windows Phone 8+ has pretty strict design guidelines to ensure the best possible user experience and showing too many different colors might break these.

This decision might be overturned if users express their desire to have WinKee use the background color. If you wish to express your opinion on this issue, please use the discussion page.

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