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Custom File Extensions

This feature has been suggested by a user. Original discussion can be found here.
This feature will be available with the planned WinKee 1.2 release.

What it is

This feature allows the users to open KeePass databases with file extensions different from the standard "kdbx". It also allows the user to specify custom file extensions that should be available as key files.


There is one limitation to this feature - opening arbitrary file extensions is only supported when using the standard Windows Phone 8.1 file picker. This means that WinKee will only recognize these extensions when you tap the "Pick a DB" button on the WinKee database picker page.

This will not work when trying to open a file from a different app, for example by opening Dropbox, locating a file there and opening it from there. When using this approach, WinKee will only respond to KDBX files, no matter what custom extensions you specified.


This limitation is caused by the fact that in order to register WinKee as a system-wide handler for a given extension, this extension must be specified in the application manifest (meaning is must be known at compilation time).

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