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As of October 9, 2015 (and much earlier, to be frank) this project is no longer maintained. The app has been pulled from Windows Phone Store. I simply don't have enough time to maintain the project in quality I can be satisfied with.

If anyone wishes to continue work on this code base, feel free to open an issue or a discussion (messaging me through CodePlex might get lost in the mailbox).

Project Description

A lightweight KeePass port for the Windows Phone 8.1 platform.

WinKee is a small project aiming at providing a lightweight client application for reading KeePass database files on your Windows Phone 8.1 phone.


I have been using KeePass for a long time now, storing virtually all my passwords in it. To access these passwords on multiple devices, I use Tresorit secure cloud sync. But then I realized that while there are many KeePass ports for Android and iOS platforms, there is no native variant for the latest Windows Phone platform (there is 7pass, but that's a WinPho 7 app, even though it runs on WinPho 8+). So I decided to create one.

WinKee is mostly a personal hobby project of mine, started out of boredom. It's also my first serious clash with the Windows Phone platform as a whole. It might or might not reach a state when I am comfortable attempting to put in into the Store, but that's an issue for future me.

Features and roadmap

You can find features and roadmap on the Features page.


Documentation for the project is available in the Documentation section.


You can find screenshots from the application on the Screenshots page.

WinKee on KeePass' page

Thanks to the efforts of user antxxxx, WinKee has been recognized on the official KeePass web site, in the "Contributed builds" section:
Thank you!


This project uses a lot of code ported from KeePass itself and a custom-compiled variant of the Bouncy Castle portable crypto library (since the current NuGet package only targets WinPho 8.0).

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